NABUKO has the expertise and experience to guide clients along the entire development process, including financing of the project, organizing the site, conceptual planning, engineering design, construction supervision, construction management and project management.
We undertake all tasks and complex inspection to ensure compliance with plans, standards and specifications by the contractor. We have the ability to identify irregularities, to interpret technical plans and project specifications.

Our strategy:

  • Combining technologies, knowledge management, and technical expertise to deliver results on a long term benefits 
  • Creating effective development programs that ensure the successful implementation of solutions chosen for the project
  • The continuous development of human capital of the company to provide a high standard to achieve the objectives and meet the requirements
  • Our company advises its clients through a competent team, able to collect and manage assigned tasks, as recommended by the outstanding results, professionalism and responsibility that we can prove.
  • Promptness, flexibility and accuracy of the solutions we offer are always a key part of the way we provide quality services.